Hydraulic Hose
We stock hydraulic hose from vendors such as Weatherhead, Semperit, Couplamatic Systems & Synflex. We carry 1-6 wire hose with both SAE & DIN specs. We stock sizes ¼”-2”. We have fabric reinforced, thermoplastic, & non-conductive hydraulic hoses. We make up to 10,000PSI assemblies in house.

Industrial Hose
We carry a wide variety of industrial hose from vendors such as Boston, Novaflex, Thermoid, Goodyear, Kuriyama, Titan & Texcel. We have a full line of chemical hoses for you to choose from. We carry Teflon as well as UHMW (polyethylene). Our industrial hoses are capable of handling steam, acid, food transfer, petroleum, sand blasting, & hot air blower. We carry all sizes from ¼”-6”

Metal Hose
We stock metal hose from vendors such as Penflex, Unaflex, & US Hose. We do complete onsite manufacturing & have the capability to make custom assemblies. Our metal hoses come in stainless steel, carbon steel, bronze & fire jacketed. We stock all sizes between ¼”-10”. We do have a emergency 24 hour service available for your metal hose needs.

Teflon Hose
We have Teflon hose from vendors such as Everflex, Resistoflex, & US Hose. We can make smooth bore hoses as small as 1/4″ up to 1″ & convoluted hoses from 1″ to 4″.  We offer custom assemblies in Stainless Steel braided, Polypro & Kynar braided & rubber covered.

PVC Suction Discharge Hose
We stock PVC Suction Discharge hose from vendors such as Kuriyama, Pacific Echo, & Texcel in sizes 1/4″ up to 6”. We stock all sizes of smooth bore, corrugated, static dissipating, & reinforced vinyl. We stock reinforced tubing up to 2″ and green & black suction from 1 1/2″-4″.

Water Suction/Discharge Hose
Our water suction/discharge hose comes from vendors such as Boston, Goodyear, Kuriyama, & Texcel in sizes up to 12”. We stock light, medium, & heavy duty hoses. We do custom assemblies & have the largest local stock of water suction/discharge hose.

Air & Water Hose
We have air & water hose available from vendors such as Boston, Synflex, Thermoid, Goodyear, & Kuriyama in sizes 1/4″ to 2″. We have thermoplastic, vinyl, EDPM, nitrile, neoprene & others in most colors for coding. We offer custom assemblies that are rated 150-500 PSI in light, medium, & heavy duty, non-conductive air hose & oil resistant

Vacuum Hose
We have access to vacuum hose from vendors such as Flexhaust & Duravent in sizes 1″-2″. We can get lightweight, vinyl, crushproof, smooth interior, flexible, commercial vac, & wet/dry vac hoses.

Pressure Washer Hose
We stock pressure washer hose from vendors such as Eaton, Couplamatic, Masterwash, & NRP Jones in 1 & 2 wire. We stock all sizes & lengths up to 5800PSI. We carry non-marking, washdown & flexible hoses & have the capability to make custom assemblies. We also carry tips, wands, & swivels, as well as 1/4″ 3000 PSI carpet hose.

Tar & Asphalt Metal Hose
We have access to tar & asphalt hose from Federal Hose in sizes 1″-3″ in lengths up to 50